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It’s Been a Year of Changes; How’s your Bookkeeping doing?

In this year of the unexpected, don’t let your business financials be part of the surprise. Now is a great time to take stock of your records and processes, while there’s still time to make a course correction if needed.

Where is your bookkeeping being done? Where is your paperwork? Are they in the same place as they were at the beginning of the year? This year in particular, everything your accounting office is doing may look completely different than it did in February.

Autumn is a great time to make sure your financials are up to date, so you can reach out to your tax professional and ask any questions that may have arisen during the year so far. Based on the first 3 quarters, would it be better to make a capital expenditure this year, or hold off till next? Are there any employer tax deferrals you could be taking, and should you?

If you’re bookkeeping is behind, you’ve got some time to catch up! You can set aside a few minutes each day, or – if you’re an all-at-once kind of person, block out a few hours a week. Or, if you just want an outsourced option, give us a call. Big Dog Computing offers bookkeeping and administrative services. We’re available for ad-hoc QuickBooks questions, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online training, temporary catch-up work, or ongoing bookkeeping services, from data entry to full-charge bookkeeping. We can help you as little or as much as fits your needs.

For more information regarding our bookkeeping services, email, or call Diana at 925-603-3229 x 301.

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