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Email? … Phone? … Text? … How to Reach Out to us for the Support you Need

With so many communication options, sometimes it’s hard to know which to use to get the fastest support. We want to give you the help you need, as quickly as possible. Here’s a general guideline on how best to reach us:

DO: Use our business phone number (925) 603-3229 option 2 when something is keeping you from working, or you think there is something wrong right now

DON’T: Call people’s direct extensions, or cell phones for support questions. If you contact us through individual phone numbers or email addresses, the response will be delayed, as your request won’t be in the main queue. Our phone system automatically forwards calls to our cell phones all the time. If we see calls come in from the office, and we can answer, we will. If a call comes to my cell from a number I don’t recognize, I’m most likely letting it go to voicemail.

DO: Use our email address, instead of emailing me directly. Like you, we get so many emails from salespeople that we only look at personal email a few times a day, while the support email gets watched all the time. 😊

DON’T: Request support or responses via text. Text messages go to individual cell phones and are hard to respond to in anything but the most rudimentary fashion. While texting is a great mode for quick, personal messages like “Don’t forget to get milk on your way home,” it’s unsuitable for detailed technical replies.

DO: Include a phone number where you can be reached if you want a call back. This makes sure we have the number where you can most easily be reached.

DO: Call us when an intermittent problem is occurring. If you can’t connect with us and need to continue working, take a screen shot (if possible, and send an email describing the issue is a good second choice.

DON’T: Hesitate to call us if you think you might have malware, or another serious problem. The first few minutes/hours can be crucial. Call us right away, so we can get right on the issues.

If you need us to do after-hours maintenance, or we tell you we’ll need control of your computer to resolve the issue, please email when you’re done working for the day, and then leave your computer on.

For more information regarding IT services or managed support, call us at (925) 603-3229 option 2 or email


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