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Assessments & Audits

Are you interested in getting a second opinion on the security of your network?

Is PCI or HIPPA compliance a concern for your office or workplace?

Thinking about a technology refresh for the office?


Information Technology is a constantly changing field filled with shifting business strategies, changing user demands, and ever new applications and devices hitting the market. That is why it is important to be able to analyze any potential gaps your organization’s IT infrastructure may be facing, as well as how to fill them. Our team of specialists can help you to identify what assets and infrastructure you may need in order to better meet your business priorities.

  • Targeted Assessments – Concerned about a specific network function, piece of software, or concern about the equipment you are using? We can help you to address any issue before it impacts your organization’s performance.

  • Comprehensive Assessments – Perhaps you need an analysis of your overall IT environment to be able to plan for the future. Our team of professionals have the expertise to provide you with an executive level assessment of your network providing you with reports and documentation covering the entire breadth of your IT infrastructure. Additionally, we will prepare a customized IT Roadmap outlining our recommendations on improving your network’s performance and reliability.

HIPPA & PCI Compliance

We know that your patient care is your top priority. Let us help you to care for them by protecting their information on your networks. Our team can help you to ensure that your network falls within HIPPA and PCI compliance guidelines to insure that you, and your patients, have peace of mind. Big Dog Computing can provide you with the tools and expertise to become, and stay, HIPPA & PCI compliant.

Audits & Second Opinions

Not sure you are getting the help that you need? Do you have questions about the security of your network? Our team of experts can help you to ensure that your information is secure by providing a network review to help you to understand potential vulnerabilities that your network may be facing.

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