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Salesforce Winter '20 Release - Rose's Top Five Features

It is hard to believe that the Salesforce Winter ’20 release is here. Once again, this release is full of new features. There is no way that I can talk about them all, here are my top five. Most of my focus will be on the new Salesforce Mobile App. Salesforce for iOS and Android v222.0 will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store sometime the week of October 14th.

1) Salesforce Mobile App

I am very excited about the new Salesforce Mobile App that will make its appearance during the week of October 14th. The new Mobile App will give you the ability to have the same look and feel as Lightning Experience on your desktop. With plenty of new capabilities, you can quickly and easily get your mobile users working with Salesforce. The new app reduces training time and promotes mobile device usage by presenting the user’s familiar desktop Lighting Experience on mobile platforms. The app also provides mobile devices with access to Lightning Experience Apps.

The same navigation with Desktop and Mobile

Mobile can now access the App Launcher, and you can decide which Apps are available on Mobile.

Big Dog Central is a Lightning Detail Page built for both Desktop and Mobile at the same time. No more need to build separate Mobile pages. Here is the desktop view.

Here is the Mobile View

Notice that your Global Actions are displayed across the top of the screen, and Favorites, Search, Notifications, and Menu are at the bottom.

Salesforce has made it easy for you to switch to the new Salesforce Mobile App by adding the New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart in Setup. The Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart, will allow you to get a glimpse of the new features available in the application, access the tools you need to optimize your Lightning pages for mobile, and provide your users access to the software.

Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart Gives you

  • Your Mobile Success Checklist

  • A video and Trailhead module to complete

  • Ability to Upgrade Admin Tools

  • Tells you how to Set up users for the new experience.

  • Whether your Lightning customizations are ready for prime time or you just want to give your users a fresh and intuitive navigation experience, you decide when the new Salesforce mobile app goes live. After you enable your org, assign the New Salesforce Mobile App user permission to some or all your users, as well as yourself. You and your users can still use Salesforce Classic on desktop.

  • Enable Your Customizations

  • Update your Lightning Apps for Mobile

  • Update your Pages for Mobile

  • Mobile Tools

  • Navigation Menu

  • Additional Customization and Setup Tools

  • Learn More in Salesforce Help

And if all this is not enough for you, you can also call me to give you a helping hand.

2) The Recycle Bin has come to Lightning Experience

With Winter ’20, you can now access the recycle bin in Lightning Experience via the App Launcher, or add it to your Navigation Bar. It comes standard with two List Views: My Recycle Bin and the Org Recycle Bin, but you can add others if you like. Select the desired item and click the Restore button (notice it is now called Restore instead of Undelete). No more returning to Classic to access the recycle bin. Reports and Dashboards are also now included.

3) New Report Features

Here are some new report features for the Winter ’20 Release. Think about the ways you can use these features in your reports!

  • Row Level Formulas – Now Generally Available

  • Answering business questions sometimes means making a calculation on every row in a report. With row-level formulas, you don’t need to export report data to a spreadsheet or ask an admin to create a one-off custom formula field. Instead, write a row-level formula directly in the Lightning report builder.

  • You can only have one Row Level Formula per report for performance issues

  • Supported Field Types

  • Number

  • Date/DateTime

  • Text

  • Picklist – (TEXT(Stage)

  • A couple of use cases would be

  • Opportunity – How many days from creation to close

  • Cases – Which case subject mention the word “Widget”

  • Access Row Level Formula from the Column drop-down on the Report

  • Field to Field Filtering - (Beta)

  • Filter a report by comparing the values of two different report fields. For example, see which cases were modified after the closing date by filtering on cases with a last modified date after the closed date.

  • Up to 4 field filters per report

  • Supported Field Types

  • Number (Percent, currency)

  • Date / Date/Time

  • Created a filter in your report and select Field instead of Value

  • Unique Row Count – (Beta) – My Favorite

  • See how many distinct values your report returns with a unique count. For example, opportunity reports often list multiple opportunities with the same account. Add a unique count to the Account Name column to see how many individual account values appear in the report. Unique counts appear as grand totals at the bottom of the report and as subtotals for each group.

  • Up to 3 unique counts per report

  • All field types are supported except for Text Area, Encrypted fields, or Blobs.

4) In-App Guidance

Now you can use clicks, instead of code, to create in-app guidance that will engage directly with your users. Write your own content and include action buttons to an important URL of your choice in the prompts. You can pick the target audience, and specify where and for how long the prompts will appear.

You can use prompts to:

  • On-board and train users

  • Highlight configuration changes

  • Introduce features, and more

You can add up to 500 prompts per org, and this limit doesn’t include prompts installed from packages. You can add multiple prompts to the same page, but multiple prompts can’t appear at the same time.

In-App Guidance setup is found in Setup – Enter In-App Guidance in the Quick Find box.

5) Printable List Views

Now you don’t have to print your entire screen just to make a hard copy of your list. Generate a condensed, minimalist, ink-saving view of your lists and related lists with Printable View.

Click here for all the Winter ’20 Release Notes.

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