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Now’s the Time to Move to Salesforce Lightning Experience

If you haven't made the move to Lightning Experience now is the time. Lightning Experience is the new Salesforce, re-imagined with a modern user interface, a suite of new tools, and even more advanced technology. Lightning Experience is designed around the sales process, to give your org more insight into your customer and put more sales tools into your reps’ hands.

Salesforce will be pushing the move to Lightning in the following ways:

  • Scheduled Automatic Switching of Users to Lightning Experience – For any users in your org that has the Lightning Experience user permission activated and are working in Classic on a regular basis they will regular (default is once a week) be switched to Lightning Experience when they log on.Users are greeted by a welcome mat with onboarding resources, so they can quickly get their bearings and overcome the urge to switch back to Salesforce Classic.

  • Here’s how the feature works:

  • Only users who have the Lightning Experience user permission but are working in Salesforce Classic are affected.

  • Users are switched on a daily or weekly schedule. The default is weekly.

  • The weekly schedule resets at approximately 1:00AM every Sunday, while the daily schedule resets at approximately 1:00AM. (Times are local to the data center that supports your instance.)

  • Each time the schedule resets, users are switched to Lightning Experience the next time they log in. To avoid interrupting a user’s work, the switch doesn’t happen in the middle of a user’s session.

  • Salesforce is selecting some org to be transitioned to Lightning Experience automatically.These orgs are those that appear best prepared for an easy, uncomplicated transition experience.Salesforce recommends moving ahead with the transition to Lightning Experience, so your users can access all the features they’re entitled to.If your org is selected, you will receive an email notice from Salesforce.

  • As of June 2108, all new Sales Cloud Professional and Service Cloud Essentials Editions orgs will be configured so the end users work exclusively in Lightning Experience.

If you are not familiar with Lightning Experience, the following should help:

Classic Home Page

Lightning Home Page (very customizable)

Classic Accounts Page

Lightning Account Page

Classic Opportunity Page

Lightning Opportunity Page

Top new features in Lightning Experience, like Personal Navigation, Kanban, Workspaces, Console, Path, or Einstein, help your reps move faster and sell more. (By the way, Salesforce is only creating new features in Lightning Experience.)

Personal Navigation

It is easier than ever for user to personalize the navigation bar in Lightning apps. Now users can drag items around the navigation bar to put them where they can work more efficiently.

Available only in Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited editions.

Drag items around the navigation bar to reorder. Make more changes by clicking the pencil icon on the navigation bar to get started.

Click Add More Items to select from Favorites and all items.


The Kanban view displays a visual summary for a selection of records. By seeing all your records at once, you can more effectively monitor your work and keep deals moving forward.

Switch to the Kanban view for almost any object from the object’s list view.

The records in the Kanban view are based on the selected list view (1). You can’t view the Kanban for Recently Viewed list views. Easily toggle between the list view grid view and the Kanban view (2). Filter your records to select a single record type or view a subset of your records (3). Records are separated based on record type (4). Records are grouped into columns (5). Quickly move a record to a different column by dragging the card (6). For opportunities, alerts tell how to keep a deal on track, for example, create a task or event (7).

Available in: Lightning Experience

Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions


Moving deals through the sales process is easier than ever with the opportunity workspace—a one-stop shop for sales reps trying to close deals fast. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Use Sales Path (1) to help your sales reps follow your company’s sales processes. You and your sales operations manager determine and customize the stages that appear for your reps. Reps can expand the sales path (2) to see key fields and guidance for each stage, which helps them onboard quickly. While in the workspace, sales reps see all the details about a single opportunity in one place (3). Related information (4), such as contacts, products, and notes, is quickly accessible. The composer (5) is where reps log calls, create tasks and events, and send emails. And reps never have to guess what’s left to be done—their scheduled activities appear under Next Steps (6). Logged calls, completed tasks, past events, and sent emails appear under Past Activity.


Use Lightning console apps to view multiple records and their related records on the same screen, and quickly work through records from a list using split view. To open Lightning console apps, use the App Launcher.

Lightning Console App User Interface

Here’s how a Lightning console app works:

To select objects, use the item menu in the navigation bar (1). Records selected from the table list view or split view open as workspace tabs (2). When you click related records from the workspace tab, those records open as subtabs (3). To keep you efficient and productive, split view lets you work with a list view while still working on other records (4). You can close and open split view whenever you want—click the arrow on the split view pane (5). You can also click anywhere in the vertical divider between split view and record page. You can view and update a record using the details area (6) and the feed (7). Keep in mind that page layouts can be different for each type of record. Finally, utilities let you access common processes and tools, like History and Notes (8).

In this example, there are two workspace tabs open—Acme and Global Media. Under the Global Media workspace tab, there are three subtabs open—the contact record for Jon Amos, a related case, and a related opportunity. In the History utility, you can easily access your recently opened records.

Available in: Lightning Experience

Available in: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions


Path guides your users along the steps in a process, such as working an opportunity from a fresh lead to a successfully closed deal.

Path is available for the following objects in Lightning Experience:

  • Accounts

  • Campaigns

  • Contracts

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Orders

  • Quotes

  • Service appointments

  • Work orders

  • Work order line items

You can set up one path for each available record type. Steps for each path (1) are based on values in the picklist that you select when you set up the path.

Display up to five key fields to focus users on the most critical information (2). At each step on the path, help users succeed with step-specific guidance, such as tips, links, and company policy information (3).

Available in: Lightning Experience

Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions


Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI (artificial Intelligence) for CRM. It’s an integrated set of AI technologies that makes the Customer Success Platform smarter and brings AI to Salesforce users everywhere.

Einstein enables you to become an AI-first company, so you can get smarter and more predictive about your customers.

  • Sales can anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer needs

  • Service can be proactive by resolving cases before they happen

  • Marketing can create predictive journeys and personalize experiences like never before.

  • IT can embed intelligence everywhere and create smarter apps for employees and customers

Salesforce Einstein is available through Salesforce cloud products. Please contact your account executive for pricing.

Einstein Activity Capture, Email Insights and improved activity timeline with the Summer ’18 release is now available for all Sales Cloud org that have the following additions using Lightning Experience: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited.

  • Automatic Logging: Users with a Sales Cloud license can use Einstein Activity Capture, which automatically associates emails and events with related Salesforce records. A Sales Cloud Einstein or Inbox license is no longer required.

  • When sales team connect their Google™ or Microsoft® account to Salesforce, activities from those accounts show up on business and person accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, and contracts in Salesforce. Plus, reps get read-only access to the Activities dashboard, which lets them view a summary of sales activities.

  • Email Insights in the Activity Time line: With Einstein Activity Capture, users get Einstein Email Insights, which shows critical sales context alongside relevant emails, making it easier to send the perfect response at the perfect time. Sales reps can choose to see only emails with Email Insights or all activities. And they can switch back and forth easily as needs change. Email insights is displayed in the activity timeline and in Inbox.

  • Email Insights give sales reps information they can use to plan their next steps. For example, if a rep sees the Scheduling Intent insight, the rep knows that the lead is interested in setting or rescheduling a meeting. The rep can respond quickly with a new or updated meeting invite.

  • Reps can turn down the noise in their activity timeline by filtering the timeline to show only emails with insights.

  • Access all Activity History: Einstein Activity Capture users can now access all past and archived activities from the All Activity History page. Seeing activity history helps understand the context of customer engagement and find specific activities.

  • In the activity timeline, from the More Past Activity dropdown list, select View All.

I hope this has given you some insights into Lightning Experience. If you have questions or need help in making the switch, please call me at (925) 603-3229 x401 or email me at

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