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GoldMine 2017.1 Release Highlights

GoldMine Premium

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook
A new Outlook add-in for linking email messages to GoldMine contacts.
  • Link Email/ Unlink Email

  • The “Link Email” button in the toolbar enables the user to link email messages, search a contact, or create a contact.

  • When an email message is linked, it will be filed to the contact’s History tab

  • The “Unlink Email” toolbar button enables the user to unlink email messages.

  • View Contact in GoldMine

  • The “View in GoldMine” button in the toolbar enables viewing the contact in GoldMine.

  • Synchronization

  • Select the “Start/Stop Sync” button in the toolbar to start or stop Outlook synchronization with GoldMine.

  • Address Book

  • The GoldMine address book is added to the list of “Other Address Book Types” in Outlook upon installation of GoldMine Link.

Environment Table Setting
  • A new flag for enabling the use of charset “UTF-8” when sending emails through the Email Center.

  • The TLog query for synchronization has been refactored and optimized for performance improvements.

GoldMine Web


A new default landing page after logging in with the following sections:

  • My Activities

  • My Pending Emails

  • Recent Contacts

  • Recent Opportunities

  • Recent Cases

My Pending Emails – A new page containing a tabular view of pending emails for the logged in user.

Links – From the detailed view of a Contact record, user can now add a linked document stored in a cloud drive (eg. One Drive, Dropbox or Box etc) or shared network path to a contact by including a valid URL or UNC path to a shard drive.

  • Schedule a follow-up activity when completing an activity.

  • User-specific settings that are that are applicable to GoldMine Web within the “Access” and “Menu” tabs in PE’s Tools\Users’ Settings\User are now reflected on web.

  • Contact record curtaining and ownership specified in PE are observed on web.

  • F2 look-up validation settings in PE are observed for Pending and History activities on web.

  • “Back to results” link added to the Opportunity details and Case details pages.

  • A “View All” link has been added to the Opportunities section in the detailed view of the Contact record.

Click here to download a complete copy of the Release Notes.

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