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Managing Email & Exchange

We can help get your technology footprint the right size.

Communication is the key to running any organization or business no matter what their size. Whether you are an office of 5 or 500, managing email and email infrastructure is paramount to keeping your operation running smoothly. Consequently, setting up an exchange server to properly and securely process the incoming and outgoing flow of email to your office can sometimes be overwhelming especially if you are startup or small to medium sized business.

Getting properly set-up is half the battle in any effort to expand your business’ technology footprint. There are great resources out there, that, with the tools and communication solutions that previously were only available to larger organizations. With cloud-based, hosted Exchange mail services such as those offered with Office 365, even SMBs can now have access to a complete email solution without making a prohibitively large investment.

Using Hosted Exchange with Office 365 not only eliminates the headaches of building and operating your own mail server but offers a great platform for connecting new devices and users to your email server, syncing your emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. It is also quite secure as it allows you to set up a solution that can not only meet all legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements, but it also lets you remotely wipe data off of mobile devices that may have been lost or stolen.

Services like this are great because they are highly scalable and are trusted by not only by small business but also many of the world’s largest companies because they are cost efficient and easy to manage. I always tell my clients that when building the technology platform that is going to help run your business the usability of a tool is often just as important as the cost. If you skimp on one in favor of the other you will either end up with something that may have saved you a few dollars upfront but costs your team in productivity, or worse, something that cost you too much but isn’t very useful.

About the Author:

Jeremy Rector – An industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in handling just about everything that has to do with information technology. He is the founder and CEO of Big Dog Computing a managed service provider servicing the IT needs of businesses all over the Bay Area and Western United States.

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