GoldMine 2018.1 Release and HotFix1 Release

GoldMine Web

Web Customization

  • New customization controls for the User > Settings > Contact Details area:

    • Hide/show /change order of sections:

      • Pending emails and email history:One must always be visible.

      • Other information: Details, additional contacts, opportunities, cases, links, and notes.

  • Changes are automatically saved for viewing on iOS devices as well.

  • Contact detail settings are configured per user and are saved in the LocalStorage of supported browsers (use_CustomConfig) and the database ENVIRONMENT table (new record type ”W”).

Link Email Messages to GoldMine Contacts

  • New ability to link email messages to a contact (similar in functionality to GoldMine Link):

    • Search for a contact, or create a new one, and link an email message to it.

    • Link an email message to a suggested contact.

    • Unlink an email message from a contact.

    • Relink an email message to a contact.

    • Move an email address from one contact and associate it with another contact.

    • GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook Link draft email messages to GoldMine contacts.

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

  • Ability to link draft email messages to GoldMine contacts

    • New ability to link emails while composing them in the Outlook draft folder.

  • GoldMine templates for emails

    • New ability to use GoldMine PE – defined document templates within Outlook as part of the message or as an attachment.

  • Search for a contact via email address

    • The Search Contact field is now auto-populated with a contact’s email information.

  • Miscellaneous enhancements

    • New ability to view a contact in GoldMine before linking (suggest contact and search results).

GoldMine Premium Edition

Overall visual updates, applied to as many areas of PE as possible

In the Tools > Options > System tab, new ability for the administrator to:

  • Change background color scheme of the PE user interface

  • Change font face/size used in the PE user interface.

Constant Contact Integration Upgrades

  • New ability to upload a group from PE and associate it to a new or existing Constant Contact email list:

    • Contacts must have an associated email address to be uploaded.

    • This functionality exists in two places-the Group Configuration screen and Constant Contact Campaigns screen.

  • New ability to display details of a Constant Contact campaign:

    • In the Constant Contact Screen of PE, double-click a specific campaign to view details such as email and click-through statisitcs.

  • New ability to view hyperlinks that a contact has clicked in a campaign:

    • In the History tab of a contact, select a click action. In the Preview pane, view hyperlink(s) the contact has clicked.


What’s New in GoldMine 2018.1HF1

Goldmine Premium Edition

If the “Encode E-mails using character set” value is empty in a user’s E-mail Options, GoldMine will use “utf-8” as the default character set.

  • The following charsets are fully supported in the current version:

    • UTF-8

    • ISO-8859-1

    • ISO-8859-15

  • Full support of UTF-8 in the body of the emails. Although in previous versions we could set the utf-8 as a charset we could not compose emails is some foreign languages (e.g. Arabic), but we could receive them. This issue was fixed in the current version.

  • Enabling the Dynamic Update Exchange protocol (DDE)

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