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CRM Consulting

Are you having trouble finding a Salesforce solution to meet your needs?

Is your business leveraging Salesforce to it's full potential?

Do you need to convert another CRM or spreadsheets to Salesforce?


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No matter the size of your customer base, managing interactions with customers can quickly prove a near impossible feat without the proper tools for the job. With Salesforce even small enterprises can now tackle complex sales operations and scale up to meet growing demand. Our team of consultants can help your business find a Salesforce solution that fits the particular needs of your business, saving you from the headaches of maintaining costly infrastructure and outdated spreadsheets. We do a lot of work with the Nonprofit industry. Do you know that Salesforce give qualified nonprofits and 10 user licenses of their Enterprises edition for free?

Customized Solutions

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Salesforce offers a powerful set of tools that can multiply the efforts of any sales and marketing team. Finding the right combinations of features and applications are important to ensure that your sales operations run smoothly. We can help you tailor Salesforce into a tool that extends the reach of your sales team.

  • Create custom objects designed to improve functionality of your Sales, Service or Nonprofit Cloud.

  • Find applications to increase your sales team’s productivity.

  • Bring together the modules that will allow you to gain insights to your customers and business.

  • Salesforce automation using Flow

Training & Implementation

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If you are new to the Salesforce platform or are transitioning over from a different CRM we can help your sales and marketing team get up to speed on the various functions and uses of Salesforce.

  • Transition data from other systems over to Salesforce.

  • Coordinate a phased roll-out of Salesforce to limit disruption to your sales and marketing operations.

  • We can even provide documentation and training to bring them up to speed on Salesforce, ensuring they are maximizing Salesforce to its fullest.

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