February 20, 2018

You’ve gotten those calls - we all have. “Hi, this is Jerry from your bank. We’d like to talk to you about your account, but we need you to verify some information. What is your account number?” Or the robocall from your health insurance provider, “Hi, this is Healthy-...

Core Lightning Features

Show Your True Colors with Themes in Lightning Experience

Rally your team around your brand and important initiatives, like a new product launch, with a set of custom brand images and colors in your org. We call them themes. You can choose one of...

GoldMine Web

Web Customization

  • New customization controls for the User > Settings > Contact Details area:

    • Hide/show /change order of sections:

      • Pending emails and email history:One must always be visible.

      • Other information: Details, ad...

Customizable Pages – Page Layouts & Home page

The Lightning App Builder allows you to build Home or Record pages in Lightning – so you can present the information that you need, the way you want to see it.  You can also have a different Home page and Record page for eac...

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