September 29, 2017

As our business and personal lives cause us to do more online, the number of passwords we must use and remember on a regular basis increases. We all know we should be keeping our passwords unique, private, and secure, but it can be a chore to remember them all. Instead...

September 29, 2017

Salesforce Overall

Lightning Experience Gets a New Look and Feel

Based on your feedback, we improved information density, legibility, contrast, and even added a splash of color. That means less time scrolling and scanning and more time focused on what matters most. This...

September 29, 2017

Two-factor authentication (TFA) may seem complex, but it’s actually a simple way to make your accounts secure from all but the most persistent attackers. TFA is just what it

sounds like: instead of just a password paired with your username, you must provide a second co...

September 29, 2017

GoldMine Premium

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

A new Outlook add-in for linking email messages to GoldMine contacts.

  • Link Email/ Unlink Email

    • The “Link Email” button in the toolbar enables the user to link email messages, search a contact, or create a co...

September 29, 2017

Summer’s scorching weather is over, the kids are back to school, things are settling into a routine, and you can catch your breath from the whirlwind of activity. It’s a nice lull, but year-end isn’t as far away as it seems. Now is a perfect time to make sure your rout...

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