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Salesforce Lightning Experience Unique Top Features

Customizable Pages – Page Layouts & Home page

The Lightning App Builder allows you to build Home or Record pages in Lightning – so you can present the information that you need, the way you want to see it. You can also have a different Home page and Record page for each user profile, presenting information in the way that’s most useful to each type of user.

With App Builder, you can drag and drop Lightning components onto the pages you create, choosing from multiple Record or Home page templates. App Builder has many out-of-the-box components that you can use, or you can create your own. Here are a few of the interesting components that come ready to use:

  • Assistant – Use the Assistant on the Home page in Lightning Experience to view important updates over the course of your day.

  • Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer and Editions

  • Leads assigned to you today

  • Opportunities with overdue tasks

  • Opportunities with no activity in 30 days

  • Opportunities with no open activity

  • Overdue opportunities

  • Opportunities are overdue if they’re still open after the Close Date. These updates stop appearing if it’s been over 8 days since the Close Date.

  • Up to 10 updates are shown at a time. Updates about leads appear before updates about opportunities. Opportunity updates are arranged in order of close date.


  • News - Get instant access to relevant, timely news about customers, partners, competitors, and industries you work with. The News component includes articles from the past 30 days, and is available on business accounts, contacts, leads, and the Home page. News is available from US news sources in English.

  • Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer and Editions


  • Filter Lists – Allows you to display a list of records. This acts like a list view where you can apply conditions to the view and see only the records that meet those conditions.

  • Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Filter List

  • Report Charts - Use the Report Chart component to include a chart from a report in your Lightning page. If you leave the component’s Label field blank, the component’s label is derived from the report’s label. The chart refreshes if the report data is more than one day old. In the component Properties, you can choose to display a refresh button to enable users to refresh the chart. Saving the report’s definitions also updates the chart data in the component.

Report Charts

  • Record Layout Components – A lot of the information that we’re used to seeing on a record in Classic have been recreated as components, such as Record Detail, Related List and Chatter Feed. This makes it easy to add those components anywhere on a page layout, or to leave them off entirely. Lightning also gives us a new Highlights panel. The Highlights panel contains key fields for the record, and is the only part of a Record page that you can’t customize using the page layout editor. The fields in the Highlights panel are customized using a compact layout.

Example of a Contact Record Page

Record Page Layout

Example of a Home Page:

Home Page Layout

Productivity Improvements

  • Personalized the Navigation Bar in Lightning Experience - Personalize an app’s navigation bar to suit the unique way you work.

  • You can reorder, rename, or remove items that you’ve added to a navigation bar, but you can’t remove or rename the default items defined by your org’s admins.

  • A navigation bar can have up to 50 items, including the default items. If a navigation bar already has 50 default items, you can’t add more.

  • If you open temporary tabs and then open a new web browser tab, the temporary tabs aren’t available in the new browser tab. You can make a temporary tab into a permanent tab by using the drop down on the tab.

  • Admins can’t access or modify the personal items users add to a navigation bar.

  • Temporary tabs open when you open an item that doesn't have a parent object already in the navigation bar. For example, if you open a contract record or contract list, it opens under Contracts if Contracts is available in the navigation bar. If Contracts isn't available, the record or list opens as a temporary tab.

  • Personalizations that you make in Lightning Experience aren’t available in Salesforce Classic.

  • Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

  • Themes in Lightning Experience - Rally your team around your brand and important initiatives, like a new product launch, with a set of custom brand images and colors in your org. We call them themes. You can choose one of Salesforce’s built-in themes or create your own custom themes with just a few clicks. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

  • Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

  • Below are three different Themes that come with Salesforce but you can create your own.

Salesforce Built-in Themes

Salesforce Seasonal Flair Theme

Salesforce Codey Canyon Theme

Salesforce Lightning Ridge Theme

Custom Theme - Setup

Custom View in Groups

  • Path - Path guides your users along the steps in a process, such as working an opportunity from a fresh lead to a successfully closed deal. Path is available for accounts, leads, campaigns, opportunities, quotes, contracts, orders, cases, and custom objects in Lightning Experience. You can set up one path for each available record type.

Kanban - The Kanban view displays a visual summary for a selection of records. By seeing all your records at once, you can more effectively monitor your work

1 - The records in the Kanban view are based on the selected list view.

You can’t view the Kanban for Recently Viewed list views.

2 - Easily toggle between the list view grid view and the Kanban view.

3 - Filter your records to select a single record type or view a subset of your records.

4 - Records are separated based on record type.

5 - Records are grouped into columns.

6 - Quickly move a record to a different column by dragging the card.

7 - For opportunities, alerts tell how to keep a deal on track, for example, create a task

or event.

  • Chatter Streams - Chatter streams are custom feeds that you create by combining multiple related feeds. Look for streams on your Chatter home page. Create up to 100 streams that each combine posts from up to 25 different feeds and feed types. Create streams that combine feeds from people, groups, and records, like accounts, opportunities, cases, and more.

  • Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer editions

  • Favorites - Favorites let you quickly access important records, lists, groups, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce. Users can “bookmark” records, lists, groups and other pages in Salesforce.

  • Available in: Essentials, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer editions

  • Utility Bar – The utility bar is a specialized type of Lightning page that gives your users quick access to common productivity tools, like Notes and Recent Items. It appears as a fixed footer that users can access to open utilities in docked panels. Utilities harness the power of Lightning components. When you set up a utility bar, you select which Lightning components to use as utilities. However, not all Lightning components can be utilities.

  • Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Reports and Dashboards


Reports in Lightning have a new modernized look and feel which makes the reports easier to read.


Dashboards in Lightning have borrowed components from Wave which make them much easier to read with a look that is slick and modern. Dashboards have a great zoom feature, just click onto a component and it pop out full screen. Lightning also give you the ability to view a chart from list view with a single click.

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